To develop into a sustainable well functioning National Society, addressing human suffering and crisis with respect to dignity and concern for equity through empowered communities, effective governance, management, partnerships and voluntary action.


To effectively address human suffering and foster development of empowered communities with dignity and equity.


To furnish aid to the sick and wounded.
· To organise relief services to all victims of both natural and man-made disasters.
· To assist authorities in improving health services and prevention of diseases.
· To perform all duties which evolve upon the National Society in accordance with the provisions of the Geneva Conventions and their additional protocols.

Our Core Programmes

Our core programes include:

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ZRCS is a membership organisation with over 19,000 members in Zambia and has the following structures:
National Council
National Board
Provincial Committee
Branch Council
Branch Executive committee
Voluntary Aid Unit
Cadets (Tertiary institutions– Colleges / Universities
Youth link (High schools)
Junior Links ( Basic Schools

ZRCS needs your support and involvement to implement its activities. You can  support ZRCS materially, financially and professionally by contacting us.

About Us

In 1859, two large European countries were at war. Their armies were fighting in Italy near a village called Solferino. The battle took 15 hours, from dawn to dusk. The French emerged victors but about 40,000 soldiers were left injured while others died. The dead remained on the battle field Read More


Press Release on Blood donation Posted 17 Sept 2014
For events of July Posted 13 Sep 2014


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